Triple-row roller slewing bearing 13-Serie

Triple-row roller slewing bearings are designed to carry heavy loads where little space is available.

Products in the 13-series are characterised by the maximum dynamic load capacity, highest stiffness and most uniform torque resistance of all slewing bearings (of the same diameter). Their uniform load distribution also meets the highest demands regarding stiffness and precision of the connecting construction.

This product line can be provided with a diameter of 6,300 mm, in segments even up to 14 meters.

They can be furnished with synthetic spacers or a closed cage depending on the intended application and demands. The cages are available in plastic, steel or brass.

Deep drilling systems, fire-fighting-vehicles, articulated buses, steel plants, self-loading vehicles, cranes, ship loading equipment, harbor and shipyard cranes, crawler cranes, offshore equipment.


Technical data

Triple-row roller slewing bearing 13-Serie