Customized order

With a machine park of CNC lathes, milling, drilling machines and machining centers with 5 axes, CRB is able to machine workpieces with up to 10 tons and a diameter of up to 2.5 meters in Leverkusen. The ring-shaped parts are CRB’s main products. Castings and forgings can also be manufactured with the machines according […]

Particularly suited to heavy loads.

The combined bearings from CRB are designed for very high axial loads. This series is mostly used when large diameter versions are required. Depending on customer requirements, we offer the combination bearing in various diameter sizes and any configurations. Applications: Construction machinery, mining machinery, wind turbines, ship loaders and other off-shore applications.

Triple-row roller slewing bearings

Triple-row roller slewing bearings from CRB Antriebstechnik are designed to carry heavy loads where little space is available. They are characterised by the greatest dynamic loadcapacity, highest stiffness and most uniform potentiometer of all slewing bearings (of the same diameter). Their uniform load distribution also meets the highest demands regarding stiffness and precision of the […]

Cross roller slewing rings – 110-111-112 11-Serie

We manufacture the cross-roller slewing bearings of the 11-series with raceway diameters of up to 5,000 mm and roller diameters of 80 mm. They have a single-row roller raceway angled at 45° featuring a more uniform potentiometer at varying loads and a longer dynamic lifespan than equivalent ball slewing bearings. They do however place higher […]

Double row slewing rings – 021-022 02-Serie

CRB’s 02-seriesis particularly suited to heavy loads. These slewing bearings resist form deviations in the connecting construction and have a higher static load capacity than cross-roller slewing bearings constructed in the same shape. Hence this CRB product is particularly suited to challenging applications such as in wind turbines. Our standard range for the eight-point bearings […]

Single-row ball slewing rings – L10-L80 01-Serie

Single-row ball slewing bearings are available with internal or external gearing or without gearing. The four-point contact bearing of the 01-series belongs to the most often used designs. We are able to produce them in diameters from 120 mm to 6,300 mm, with either hardened or unhardened gearing. We also deliver four-point raceway geometry, a […]