Single-row ball slewing bearings are available with internal or external gearing or without gearing.

The four-point contact bearing of the 01-series belongs to the most often used designs. We are able to produce them in diameters from 120 mm to 6,300 mm, with either hardened or unhardened gearing. We also deliver four-point raceway geometry, a preloaded raceway system, centering, special seals as well as various spacers or cages for applications at up to 350°Care.

The L-series includes a series of light profile designs, flange bearings with external, internal or without gearing. It is produced with race-way diameters from 310 mm to 1,455 mm (standard program). Models with double bores, reduced or preloaded clearance up to precision quality class, e.g. for machines, are available on request as well.

Excavators, Deep drilling systems, and other construction machines, welding construction, machine building and plant construction.